‘Hey, I Don’t Want to Be…’

‘Hey, I don’t want to be racist but…’

A kid screeches to a stop near us. Maybe he’s ten. Maybe eleven. He’s on a bike, two friends behind him. Brown hair, easy smile. I’m holding a basketball, we’re standing in the yard of the church we cross to go get ice cream.

-Hey, I don’t want to be racist, but which one of you is the guy?

(Yeah, I know).
J and me look at each other. J says, we both are.

-So you’re gay?


-So, he was adopted? –The kid pokes a thumb over at my kid.


-…so how is that….

The other boys lean closer too. Everyone is waiting to hear the answer, but it gets hairy when you start rapping reproduction with strangers’ kids. J waves his hand:

-It’s a long story.

-You should tell me.

-Maybe some other day. We have to go now.

We walk away. In the movies, now you sit down, the violins swell up and you have the kind of talk that opens people’s eyes. In real life, you have no idea if the next time you see this kid, his parents are accompanying him, accusing you of who knows what. You figure, better safe than sorry. Not to mention, maybe that kid was a troll. Maybe he just wanted ammunition to harass your own kid at school.

Or maybe he was honestly seeking out information?

If he can’t ask the neighborhood tran about tran shit, who can he ask?
You don’t know.

My great-aunt declares that the book is HERS (read the dedication in the back), and anyone who wants to look at it must stay on the grounds of the garden (after the English version got filched and she never got to look through it.) In the afternoon, my younger cousin (still in high school) comes over too, she is bringing a friend in tow. They are both here to grab whatever’s left of the barbeque and to see The Book. As they wait in line to look at it, my mom glances at the kids sharply.

–You know that this book has BISEXUAL THEMES?

-Oh, I know. –My cousin’s friend says confidentially. –P told me ALL ABOUT IT.

Later that night, my mom tells me on Skype how my art book was the talk of the barbeque—everyone came down to see it. It’s not that it is so extraordinarily provocative—but it does display bisexuality (and some alt gender ideas) in a very casual way. I suspect my family is interested in it because I made it—but also perhaps because they are not used to seeing things displayed quite like that. My 75 year old aunt looks at it, my 45 year old cousin—and my cousins in high school. It’s weird to be the vehicle bringing these ideas to a regular Hungarian family barbeque—and it’s weirder to think that as the law stands now, my high school cousins looking at something I’ve made is illegal.

Due to a rather vague law passed last month in Hungary, it is currently illegal to show minors any material depicting alternative sexuality or gender, or to educate about such issues, in any way. The law has been viciously linked with another caveat calling for stricter sentencing for pedophiles. Challenge it, and you get asked: Don’t you WANT to protect children from pedophiles? And many who have voted for the law washed their hands, claiming it is not that they are against LGBT people—they are against those who would hurt children. They are against people’s children getting taught about things they should not know about.

But why should we still have the mindset that queerness and/or transness is an ‘adult’ issue? Why should kids not see it depicted casually? Why should they not be able to see that it is nothing particularly provocative—just another way of being. If they did, they wouldn’t have to wonder….or ask strangers awkward questions on the street.

We don’t live in Hungary, we live in Germany, the place where spectators filled the stadium with rainbow flags to show their solidarity, after Orban’s law was passed. We live in a safer place, but education is still needed.

Another day, we’re walking in our parking lot, and the kid drives by us on the bike again.

-Will you tell me today? –He asks. –How your son was born?

-Sorry, not today, -J says.

-But you said you would!

Yeah but… we walk away.

It’s complicated.

Here She Comes Again

troubles on her brow.
Her she comes again, with worries she can’t hide…

John sees things other people can’t see… he knows he will never fit in, so he runs away to become an actress on the Shakespearean stage…. Airy Nothing, by Clarissa Pattern. Cover detail by me — graphite on paper

Premonition // Sunny day // faery vision // sclera // normal –done on Cilp Studio Paint

Hey moofs!!! I’ve been pretty absent, just really busy lately geeking out on digital art and designing the cover (multiple covers!!) for our first official novel, ‘Airy Nothing.’ My own instincts as to what constitutes an arresting cover seem to fly in the face of the BIG LETTERS– so why not have multiple covers? Is what the author and I settled on. Our book’s printed version will have the cover I artistically prefer; the Kindle version will have the big splashy title–and then, we’re doing a leather/cloth (!!) bound fancydance TOME of an edition, which will be truly only a few copies– I will be going to the book printer in person in the next few weeks to start to pick out the paper and cover possibilities, and I am excited as hell! Like, it’s even going to have one of those ribbon book marks?!? (My art book was all done remotely through an online printer, so I think with a project of this magnitude–a printed/embossed hard cover–I want to be there in person. While I was ultimately very happy with the quality and customer service of art book’s printer (Sedruck, by the way, if you’re looking for a good one and are based in Germany), the remoteness did make it all quite stressful. So this time around, I’m going to try the old fashioned go in and interface with an actual flesh human approach. Meanwhile, this post was a semi-art-dump—I recently discovered Clip Studio Paint, and while nothing will ever replace SAI as the digital drawing tool of my heart–the vector erase tool THE VECTOR ERASE TOOL. **gently foams at the mouth.**

Unrelated image, but I drew the fuck out of these teeth. I’m a fan of… unorthodox teeth….. done on SAI.

I will be doing a tutorial about Clip Studio Paint for a good friend who recently got a tablet (!!) and is not quite sure where to start, so if that sounds like something you are interested in, go check out our press’s Patreon ❤ I did a cooking vid a few weeks ago which turned out pretty good (even sprinkled in dem dank memes, without which I was reassured by the Nazgul that the video would suck), and I hope to make more as we go….! Who knows, we draw and get drunk together on livestream at some point? Could be fun??? Our lowest tier is a one buck chuck, so subscribe if you’d like to support a teeny tiny press and vote on what kind of mannequin we should burn and what kind of wine we should drink for our virtual Airy Nothing launch party!! Keep cool moofs, and hope you’re all having a nice summer~~

Covers and Initials

Soooo how do we feel about book covers and titles?

Covers (and titles) for my books and stories have never been my forte. As much as I can obsess over a person’s name (and what them having or not having a certain name means), I have an inverted lack of interest in picking magnetic titles for my books. Take my own book, ‘A Father for Lilja’: I think it’s a pretty great mindfuck story, but the title sucks. I would not pick up the book based on that title. And I knew it when I picked it, but I just.. couldn’t think of a better one? And nobody editing me suggested a better one either…

Ditto with covers. Those places online trying to tenderly guide us small press designers all promise: a vibrant, smashing cover makes or breaks it. Me: whaddaya mean a plain white cover with just the title of the book isn’t intriguing enough? Lately, I’ve been thinking, titles and names on the cover is for PLEBS. Just an image and fuck it, you have to open it and commit to find out what it’s about. (Incidentally, this is the route I’ve chosen for the last two books I’ve designed: No title or name on the front; or minimalist cover.)

No title, no author, no shame. (Two books I worked on this year: A4 size. A6 size)
Look at this tiny pretty book aaaaaaa. This is the first book of my four – A6 sized series. : O
Left: American design. Right: Japanese design.

Another thing to consider (if you do choose to put the name on the cover) is HOW to put the name. I like the mystery of an initial. (Or at least, when I first got published, I told myself I liked the mystery of a first name initial; now I realize, it was egg-tran me, running away from my name.) Even though my name is legally changed now, I still lean toward using first name intials. But I wonder how ppl feel about that? Sometimes, I’m like, dude. Just put your full name on the book. But Ryszard is like… a perverted old man name (J, DON’T SAY IT.) Thoughts? How do you, dear readers, feel about first name initials versus the entire name?

In other other (other other) news, I made a Patreon specifically for my press! I have resisted making one for yearssss, just due to my own personal reasons, but now I thought, ehh, why not? Maybe I can meet other creatives? Maybe I will meet people who enjoy supporting the arts? (is that what we’re doing here? Making ARTS?!) So, I have four tiers on there: the first is nice and cheap, for those who just want to bop along for the ride. Then, there are more serious tiers for people who perhaps genuinely enjoy supporting creative projects and would like to actually be involved with the press, get first dibs access etc. I’ll also be doing VIDEOS on there : O and if there is enough interest, we could have online gatherings, talk about writing, do critique whatever. So if that sounds like you, go check it out (I also, as silly as it sounds, tend to make less posts on here, because I worry about talking too much, but I feel like if someone is paying, they MUST want to hear me ramble 😀 so for anyone who enjoys detailed behind the scenes, we will have more of those on there, including the chance to participate in stuff like cover art votes and have a firsthand window on my unravelling! Yum! I will however, continue to make posts about the press here as well–they will be tagged as tRaum Books in the tag cloud to the right.

Take care moofs and make sure to follow for more DRAMATIC updates! (I ***should** start audio recording my book sometime next week so that will be a new fun way to lose my mind >.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>) COMMENT if you have strong ideas about authors using their initials versus full name, or about your cover preferences in general–

Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

(But it’s better if you do.)

Aka: This is a review and subsequent musings about the book ‘Detransition, Baby.’

Tsetse fly attention span review: this book is a fucking masterpiece. Go read it.

Reading on the toilet rambling version: Deeeeeep breath. Here we go….

This book had really… so many amazing points about so many issues—chosen family, identity, queer/trans shit, motherhood (and fatherhood)—random interludes about Vim Hof and elephants that I absolutely loved—but for me personally, the ideas that struck hardest were those circling around: agency. And feminism/fauxminism. (to be clear, the author doesn’t use the term fauxminism; it’s a word I think well describes ‘feminists’ who are more concerned with gate-keeping femininity and limiting others’ choices under the guise of ‘helping women’—as opposed to actual feminists, who wish to give ALL WOMEN, the power of choice, and better life.)

And the idea of agency is important to me personally… agency and being trans (not to mention, agency and feminism) are inextricably linked.

Agency or N’agency

The conclusion I’ve come to over the years is what scares many cis people about trans people is that they had a choice to do something that a cis person feels is an issue of NO choice (be a certain gender.) aka, the idea of agency scares them. Being a gender, and having it assigned to you, even acting out a stereotypical pageant of behaviors or seeking a certain body shape to advertise a certain thing is all fine for many cis people—if it’s the gender you were assigned, ie, you had no choice. If it’s a gender you’ve CHOSEN and you are now ‘choosing’ these behaviors and physical changes—that scares them. And some trans people are also scared of agency. They want a doctor or some authority to tell them they are trans, to take the weight of choice off their shoulders. They want some official document/pathology to legitimize them, as if to say: you can’t bully me, reject me, push me away, I CANT HELP BEING LIKE THIS!

Many people are still on the idea: it’s okay to be trans (it’s okay if I’m trans) if you can prove you HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

…but what if you… do have some choice? (and I personally am a person who believes gender and how we express it–is a choice. for trans AND cis people.) This is a subject this book explores…

Detransition bête noire

As the name Detransition Baby suggests, this story is (partially) about detransition. So Ames (formerly Amy) is a man who has stopped living as a trans woman. Losing the woman who was her partner and ‘trans mother’, coupled with a humiliating public assault is the catalyst for Amy choosing to detransition into Ames. Now, detransition is a huge trans bete noire. It’s one of those inconvenient contradictions that highlights too harshly our agency in an issue where many find it more convenient to imagine we have no agency: after all, if we are born the gender we are, and transitioning is merely aligning to the gender we always were—what is detransition? How can it exist? But I’ve personally never been a fan of the ‘born this way/I can’t help it so you have to recognize my humanity’ narrative. Even if I CAN help it—you should let me choose what’s best for me. I shouldn’t have to be suicidal to be ‘allowed’ to do what is best for me. And people should be allowed to make changes in their life even if those changes are not eternal. (Which is what Ames does. I was happy that while Ames had nostalgia for his time as a woman, he wasn’t a brooding mess who completely regretted his destransition. His feelings towards it were very real, complicated and nuanced. Nor did he demonize his decision to transition–and even entertained the idea that he may retransition some time in the future….)

This nuance is often lacking in conversation around detransitioned people and people who regret transition, who are often weaponized by fauxminists and the anti-trans lobby. Look, these people regretted it! (Somehow, nobody has yet to lobby against …idk, MARRIAGE, even though more people than not end up splitting and regretting that….) But it’s a two-way mirror often turned the direction that best suits that particular argument of the dominant group. When cis people make a gender orientated major life decision and then change their mind/they learn from the crash and burn—that’s growth. And that’s life. When trans people do it, it’s OH MY GOD, they did something they regretted we need to ban this and make sure NOBODY does anything they regret ever again!!!!

Ames/Amy is the elephant in the trans social room who points out, yes for some trans people, transition will not be forever. And that is all right. The choice to choose means also, the choice to DEchoose…..

Reese, the other trans woman character, also makes some hard choices. Reese chooses to seek out controlling, verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive men. Why does she do this? Oh, she knows it’s bad bad but—Throughout the book, Reese makes a rational, conscious trade to parcel off quality of life (getting hit/controlled by brutish, stupid men) for self-image (getting the ego boost of feeling hot enough and feminine enough for a man to want to lose his mind enough to want to hit her in the first place).

Whooo nelly, the fauxminists are not going to like this one.
—but as Reese points out: the fauxminists are already out there sharpening their knives—so might as well let it all hang out.

A big important messy and fascinating part of Reese was how flawed she was and yet sympathetically painted. The one thing this book wasn’t going to have was a pat ‘perfect victim’—I know these last few years people have seemed to have forgotten it when it comes to characters in media, but dammmm, our minds are complicated; our emotions often dreary and disgusting. We romanticize and eroticize the grossest shit, because the other alternative is to just sit down and cry about it until the day we die. Not everyone. Not all hashtag. (Does it constantly have to be said that when someone writes about A woman doing something, this is not now indicative of ALL women/all queers/all whatever?)

So I loved this book’s honesty—about how much we lie to ourselves. Which brings us back to the power of (some) trans people, really. I feel like sometimes people have the misconception, that if you are enlightened (?) enough to change your gender, you are enlightened enough to not indulge in the bullshit of the gender you are entering. But they don’t consider, that bullshit (and bonding over the bullshit)–the baggage, is (for some people) the hallmark of the experience. Lying about why we do certain things (or how much control we do or do not have over certain situations) is another. When you are aware of how much you lie and why you do it (as many -not all- trans people are forced to do, when they transition) –that awareness doesn’t necessarily translate into CONTROL. But at least (as the author says) you’ll be able to have more creative ways with which to lie to each other…. But not everyone can do that, that’s so tone deaf da da da.

Well, you know what they say. If it don’t apply, let it fly.

[There is so much more I could say about this book as it covered soooo much more ground, butttt I have to go to bed now, go read it though go go!! <333333333333333333333333333]

Get the book on Amazon here.
Or (if you’re in the US) at my favorite US bookstore.


My first run of the Pink Blue sketchbook has SOLD OUT! 🙀🙀🙀

Even the few extra copies I threw in the order hopper last night as a buffer have since been spoken for. Thank you all so much, I was so happy and touched by Your enthusiasm|! (Yes. Yours!!! <333333333333333333) [[Update on an update: since I’ve had multiple people ask, I am now doing a pre-order option for the next print run. If you would like to PRE ORDER a copy of the physical book, please click here.]]

Ok, but someone whose taste I really respect has gotten a digital (and physical) copy and here is their feedback on the digital?? I’m just like aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So thank you for supporting my grotesqueries and my absurdity. For the people who have ordered a physical copy, I have put in the order and I will have them this week and try to send them out this next weekend. I will try to get tracking numbers for them (I can already tell this will be like herding cats 😀 another reason I kept the print run small, because shipping physical things to ppl and keeping track of it ABSOLUTELY AGES me, even though I LOVE making physical things and having ppl hold them.. But here are my rough, estimated shipping times:

Europe: In three weeks.
UK/Ireland: a month
US: so apparently, I can send shit by boat, but it takes eight weeks to get there? oh lord, i’m going to think about if I want to try that, or wait until ppl are doing normal planemail again.

But yah, I apologize in advance for how long and annoying shipping will take (a phalanx of upside down smiley faces.) HOWEVER, I live in terror of disappointing ppl who have bought art or writing from me, so do rest assured I will do everything in my puny power to make sure your thingie gets there as soon as I can.

THANKS AGAIN AND ******excited screeching**********

While physical copies are gone, if you want to check out a digital one, you can look on my store:


It’s name your own price ❤


aka the Throckmorton of my accomplishments

All right you beautiful nerds. It’s my pleasure and delight to announce that this thing I’ve been working on forEVER (and has become a bit of a joke in my private sphere, as color correction and all of that took SO LONG)— is done. I finished an art book I had been working on, on and off, for the last year! ‘Art book’, I say, like something really polished, and it is (kind of) and it’s also a mess (kind of), like everything I make. It’s a full color book, drawn entirely digitally (my first all digital project), riffing on the colors pink and blue—

ppl getting their faces eaten off. *Kim K gif* it’s what she deserves…
Front cover image. mmm that landscape gore…

I feel a little weird promoing this book, because it’s just ….odd and I have no idea if anyone but me would like it. On the other hand, it’s so cool? Dare I say, it might be the coolest thing I’ve made so far? The amazing cousin Throckmorton of my accomplishments?? That even though I’m OKAY with only me liking it, I am sad that people won’t see it? So here I go, promo-ing it. It’s also very expensive to print, so I most likely won’t be selling this longterm on my press, even though technically this will be my first publication! So! If you are someone who enjoys my art and is a bit of a hoarder, this may be for you. It’s a 150 A4 glossy 120 g pages of pure aesthetic masturbation. And some text. It is also available as a PDF! So you can look at it on your phone while you poop. Fun! This book has

💙 landscape
💙 portrait
💙 sex
💙 violence
💙 food
💙 comic
💙 super light blasphemy?? (I’m already really nervous about that, my mom wanted one for herself SO BAD, and now I’m like, when she gets to that page, I’m going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE >>>>_____<<<<<<)

And most of it was drawn during the worst insomniac period of my entire adult life, so some of these pics are trippy as shit. Wow, you’re saying, trippy and food pics and gore?? That is WHAT I WANT! So how do you get one? You can either 1. comment here and I will get in touch with you. I tell you my PayPal and you tell me your address and if you want it signed and I ship you one. Or if you’re like eww, I don’t want to fucking TALK to you (understandable), you can 2. completely circumvent that, by going directly to my store and buying a copy yourself. If you live in the US or UK, there are currently shipping restrictions booo which means I will not be able to get your physical copy to you until those are sorted BUT, you will have a copy reserved and all yours! (It’s first pay, first serve.) A physical copy is 40$ plus 10$ for shipping, a digital only copy is pay-what-you-like. 💙 At this point in time, there are FOUR physical copies left.

[I will eventually be making my own website with J, but you can check out my interim site at Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/traumbooks ] KISSES!!!

Girl with Golden Eyes

A very queer book recommendation!

Hey Moofs,

So, I’m really happy and proud to rave a little bit about my wonderful friend’s book! It’s called ‘Girl with Golden Eyes,’ and you should all go out (metaphorically, because let’s face it none of us are going anywhere for a while) and read it, because

Magical Lesbian Romance It’s a sweet, romantic story with fairy tale elements featuring a girl couple. Just in time for winter’s death rattle. And it’s got a lot of yearning!! Are we not all into yearning? There’s also a really neat magical plot element, but I feel like it’ll be a spoiler if I mention it specifically, so I won’t….

Beautiful Artwork The story features the wonderful artwork of N.J. Ludlow. Look at how inky and fantastic!

Just to be totally clear, since I also do an art blog here, I DID NOT DRAW THIS (you guyz: no shit moof, you can’t draw that well shhh SHHHH!!!) anyway, this is the super intricate and exquisite art of N.J. Ludlow …! My friend commissioned them to make a cover for her book and it turned out amazing! The botanical detail, I love it ;;–;;

Comfort Food ‘Golden Eyes’ features not only a sweet romantic story, it also turns a few tropes upside down and explores some themes about body image, subtext-y trans issues, and acceptance. For anyone going through a rough patch right now, wondering if that person (friend or otherwise) is out there, it could be a nice piece to carry you through. It’s also simply well written and feels good to read! I am not the biggest fan of reading off of a screen, but I enjoyed the intimate feel of curling up in bed and scrolling through my phone on this book. I read it in a few nights during my intense insomnia jag last year and it was such a comforting way to spend those awful middle-of-the-night alone times….!

It’s Free The book is online, entirely free, and the story will be continued with more characters, so once you get hooked, you know there’s further goodness in the wings! So go check it out and have yourself a nice weep!

Read Marnie Desdemona’s ‘Girl with Golden Eyes’ here.

See more of N.J. Ludlow’s art here, and follow their IG.

Support trans artists, consume more cute lesbian romance, leave a comment if you like someone’s work or a dang heart, wash your hands, and enjoy this naked mole rat fact of the day: not unlike a bee colony, naked mole rats also have a queen, and they also have naked mole rat TEMPLARS, whose task is to guard the Queen and get eaten first, if she gets attacked. Cool!!


This happened about two years ago and my kid has only gotten better at the effortless, low-stakes roast.

I’m proud of him.

Just a sloppy lil cartoon that’s been knocking around in my brain for a while (and also this is complete self-sabotaging propaganda because the kid’s wrong, and I’m a reasonably funny fellow who would definitely last at least two hours running a joke booth, but yeah!) I should have a post of announce-y things soon! In the meantime, hope all you moofs are all right out there, in this here winter’s death-rattle…. <3<3<3

Don’t be shy now :> LIKE // EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS //

Nazgul Chara

The Nazgul (age 10 these days) was asking how come I’m always drawing other people, but I never draw him? Not true that I don’t draw him, but to prove how not true it is, I made him one of those chara sheets I sometimes do for my OCs and I think it turned out pretty good : o

A one page illustration snapshot of my kid at age ten. Click to make it bigger and or not blurry…..

He loves Russia, video games and skeletons, and he hates German homework. His current bucket list item is to get a head bump (atama hane) in mah jong. There we go. (Also, can we appreciate for a moment how pretty I made Coryxkenshin? (Guy in the top left, his favorite You tuber. I mean, he’s attractive, so it’s not like it was hard. Whee being in that weird age where you have to wonder if finding someone in their 20s is creepy or not…. I mean, it’s me… so I manage to make it creepy even when the person is the same age as me…. we’re really not making this better are we Jazzhands and falls off stage.

___ Press

Aka Please read to the end and insert your important opinion!

So I read once, that telling people about a plan or project you had was actually detrimental to your project’s success. Because, when you tell someone about your plans, and they say ‘oh wow, that sounds so cool! Oh, that will be so great!’ PING!!! you get a dopamine rush not unlike the one you get from actually finishing something. For some people, this rush becomes enough, keeping them perpetually in the talking and planning phase. Maybe I have some internal paranoia regards this, because I feel like I’ve gone to the other extreme. Even when I NEED someone’s help to finish a plan I had hatched, I am notoriously squirrely about telling people what I’m doing, involving them in the process or sharing anything unfinished— I don’t want to get complacent on praise for not-yet-done work and I don’t want to get muddled by noise feedback. But we do all need help sometimes, and that is the spot I am in right now.  So, without further ado, I’m unveiling my plans to… ta~~~~da!

Start my own press. I do have two books currently out with a publisher, and they will most likely stay there, but moving forward, I want to have more control over my books. I’m not interested in trad publishing, for the first and foremost reason that the things I make are not very… trad-y. Neither in theme, nor in execution. I do honestly believe that with a wad of luck, the book I finished this last year could be commercially successful if I sold it to the right person, but I want to keep control over my works. I would be designing and printing novels, art-books, zines (if anyone ever comes with that), and recording audiobooks.

Beyond myself, I’d also be interested in helping people who have written something they believe in, but are having trouble finding a good home for it. For people who have a specific visual in mind, but are not well-versed in book design, the myriad self-publishing options may not be very helpful. I currently have a novel and an art book I will be releasing with my press, and in the future, I would like to release some novellas, printed in the small Japanese format (there is a palm-sized book format popular in Japan, that I am a huge fan of, and I will be looking to publish novella-length stories like that.) Will others come onboard? Is it just gonna be me? No idea, but here’s my direction:

Light editing: I believe an author knows best what they want to say and would like writers to keep embellishments and meanderings, and not over-prune. I generally value mood, language and tone over plot.

Design: I love books that have not only good content, but attention to design. I am someone who notices fonts, layout, paper types, and book size. I would say most of my books and stories are mindful of an aesthetic. If someone has strong ideas for a physical product, I’d like to help actualize that! If they don’t have strong visual ideas, I’d like to help develop a direction…

Unconventionality: I am looking for the unconventional. In story telling. In characters. In final design.

In the words of Scott McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics,’ I want to emphasize being there, as opposed to getting there. So here’s where you come in!!

What should the name of such a press be? I oscillate between simple, clean sounding words I like, or single words that somehow encapsulate what I am talking about. Candidates so far: (I’ve updated candidates that have fallen out of the running!)

Dreamer Books (there is however, another press called ‘Beautiful Dreamer Press’ and they specialize in queer lit. I am wondering if that is considered too close? Thoughts?)

Bruiser Press (I like dreams and I like bruises. Self-explanatory.)

Kave Press (Kave is the Hungarian word for coffee. This was one of J’s suggestions. Idk, it could work?)

T/raum // tRaum Press More riffing on the ‘dream’ theme–‘traum’ means dream in German, and t-raum could be ‘T-room’–could be interpreted to mean t(rans) room, or dream room. A neat idea (though I wonder how that would work, vis-a-vis internet searches, if I make, say the ‘r’ capitalized…

Lynx Books (I like the word ‘lynx’ and it’s also a bit of an unusual animal that would be nice to make a logo with. Incidentally, my name means ‘lynx’ in Polish… –crossoverrrrr-)

Gem Books (I’d use a little diamond as a logo, and I don’t know…)

Meander Books (because we’re going to meander a bit. The logo could be a little path…)

Any of these sound decent to you? Something completely different? Kick me in the shins, write a comment, let me know, I’m lost moofs, I’m excited and LOST!!! (But yeah, we’re gonna have a website, and we’re gonna have audiobooks and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). The would work too.

AAA Press.

< 3