tRaum Books

Tired of the tradpub runaround, in 2021, we started a tiny press.

Traum means ”dream”–t (trans? tea? t?) room–it’s a room for writing, reading, dreaming, nightmaring. We encourage writing and prose and layout that take risks, meander, and challenge the reader. I had a Patreon for a while and it went wonderfully, but I noticed that meant no energy to update this blog anymore, which I had been running for over a decade. So now, I come back to this blog. If you would like to support the press, any donation at all will result in your name/handle of choice being printed in our upcoming books as a thank you ❤ Scroll down to the very end of this post if you wish to donate. There are further instructions.

Otherwise? The easiest way to support is to grab a book from our website–read it, love it, hate it, review it on Amazon, or Goodreads, or Storygraph, or throw up an entry about it on any social media you posses–or nurse the book quietly in the dark and tell nobody. If you read it, if it did something to you, we are happy even if you never tell another soul < 3 (But living as we do in these highly algorithmic times, if you DO tell another soul, even multiple souls, we are ever so grateful.) Tiny press depends so much on word-of-mouth and ”hey, I think you would like this.”

VISIT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE (many of our books are available through direct purchase/non-Amazon)

Prior releases
AIRY NOTHING by Clarissa Pattern (Shakespearean genderflux daymare)
IT HELPS WITH THE BLUES by Bryan Cebulski (Midwestern subtle queer ramble)
NOEMA by Dael Akkerman (prehistoric metaphysical)
DARKNESSES by Lachelle Seville (modern Black gothic)
MOST FAMOUS SHORT FILM OF ALL TIME by Tucker Lieberman (post-modern absurdist classic)
THE PINK AND THE BLUE (art book/graphic) by Ryszard Merey (pastelporno neonvomit)

MARLEY AND ZARYA (novella) by Clarissa Pattern
A possible trans anthology???

Want to publish with us? I am currently interested in POETRY– SHORT NOVELS/NOVELLAS (under 50K words)/NOVELETTES– horror/weird/off-road. Check out our website further to see if your work fits with us. We publish the weird and the gay.

And/or you can follow my meltdowns on Patreon! (I have turned donations off, but you are still welcome to follow! Many neat posts about layout/grammar/nerd shit/whathaveyou. <3) If you’d like to donate on this blog towards the press (or if you are coming over from Patreon), minimum amount is one dollar, but you can donate any amount. This is a one time). Simply enter the amount you wish to donate in the box marked ”donation” near the end of the form and leave a comment for what name/handle you would like to be remembered as. (All comments are moderated, so I will make a note but not publish such a comment.)

Thank you all, and I wish you a creative and safe new year.